The VMA drive


Feel the VMA drive

VMA is a cluster of businesses, some of which have been active for more than 35 years. Our activities cover the full spectrum of multi-technical systems and technology and extend well beyond Belgium. Our team comprises more than 950 employees, including 275 engineers/graduates. Yes, that’s a big team, but we all have one thing in common: the VMA drive!


Strong feelings

What exactly is that VMA drive? Well, everyone here in one way or another is passionate about engineering and driven to help our customers with sustainable technological and innovative solutions. We are up to every challenge. We take on every assignment with passion and devotion. That drive to achieve strong, high-quality results is always the first step.


Proud of our employees

Our employees are not simply talented and highly qualified. They are also strong characters. Each and every one of them has a positive mindset, creating a pleasant work environment. And they are all open to their colleagues. We are one team. We support each other and we all have the same goal. We’re proud of that.

A job with career opportunities

Our world is fast moving. New advancements come thick and fast. That’s why we make sure that our people are able to advance too. We invest in training programmes and provide personal support to help them grow in their job – and build a strong career.


Work on the best projects

Are you switched on to every aspect of engineering? From electricity to HVAC, maintenance to energy-efficiency? Find your dream job at VMA. Where you work on Belgium’s best, most challenging (construction) projects. That’s something all our employees, from project managers and software engineers to electricians, are rightly proud of.


Why work at VMA?

As chief talent officer I could recite a long list of arguments for why you should come and work for VMA. But perhaps I can start by explaining why I choose VMA. I’m an HR expert who’s super passionate about my field. And so I want to work with people who are super passionate about their own field, be that engineering, IT, finance or whatever. I found that passion from day one at VMA. Every colleague is 100% devoted to his or her job and committed to doing his or her utmost every single day. At VMA, professionalism is not an empty promise, it’s a certainty. You can feel it.

And it’s wonderful to work with teams that always go for their goals with a lot of drive. Everyone wants to get results, go that extra mile every day to be (justifiably) proud of what they have achieved.

Lastly, as chief talent officer it’s obviously important to me that everyone here is able to specialize in his or her field, develop personally and grow with the company in our many innovative projects. VMA provides everything they need to do that: trainings, mentoring by experienced colleagues, career opportunities... Starting to understand my passion?

Britta – Chief Talent Officer


Feel the VMA drive?

Do you feel a connection? Like to work on your career in (multi-)engineering at a solid, fast-growing company with international ambitions? Get in touch now. We want to invest all our energy in you!

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